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Why White Rabbit?

Alice's White RabbitI am a huge fan of the Matrix trilogy. I will no doubt write about it in due course. I think that the trilogy represents a real, important exposition of contemporary culture and faith, and effectively functions as a (some might say posthumous, though I would disagree) manifesto of postmodernism. But more of that later; the relevance of it here is that, in the early stages of the first film, the hero, Neo, is woken by words from an unknown source, which tell him, amongst other things, to ‘follow the white rabbit’. He is then visited by some people with whom he is acquainted, and, as they invite him to go out with them, he notices that the woman, named DuJour, has a tattoo of a white rabbit on her shoulder. This is what convinces him to leave his home and embark on the path that leads him to fulfil his potential as humanity’s saviour (just as Alice followed her white rabbit). My point is this: DuJour appears only for a few moments, she has only one word to speak (“definitely”), yet she is anything but incidental to the action. Her presence, her being herself in the right place at the right time, speaking through her very existence, is what enabled the whole adventure to take place. Without DuJour, small and virtually invisible though she may seem, none of what follows can happen. This seems to me to be the nature of God’s calling: we are each called to use our individual gifts, in whatever ways seem right, to make a difference, to make things happen, to bring about change for the communal good. This is DuJour’s role. This is your role, too, and mine: I don’t know exactly what my calling is, what will be required of me, what I might achieve, but for the time being I intend to endeavour to speak my words, to validate my own unique viewpoint, and to do as many as possible of the good things that only I can do.